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Do you believe in "animal whisperers" or "therapists"?

scared and alone

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If you do, why? I'm sorry, I love animals more than ANYTHING, and I sympathize with them more than I do anything else, but, I just find it hard to believe that we can read their minds or whatever these people supposedly do. I don't even mean a trainer, I mean someone that claims to communicate with animals, like we do with other people, or however they do it.

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Nah. I think some people are very very good with animals, and obviously have a lot of experience with them and can do far better with them than someone who is just a pet owner, but I don't believe in 'mind-reading'.


I think since animals like cats and dogs interact really with humans in the first place anyway, it's not so difficult to work on that and expand your understanding of their different moods, facial expressions and noises, until it seems like you are communicating with them. But I think anyone with determination could work up to that if they put the effort in.

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