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Sweaty Sleepers...

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My boyfriend moved in with me a couple of weeks ago. Prior to that, we lived together in England and dealt with this problem EVERY night. He is an EXTREMELY sweaty sleeper. I'm not talking waking up a little damp here either. I'm talking completely drenched, blankets drenched, bottom sheet and mattress drenched, pillows drenched. I swear it's gotten worse since he's gotten over here. Not only does he sweat and soak ME too, but his sweat is SUPER smelly , to the point where my bedroom smells like this strange, sweaty odor. It's not normal BO either, it's totally different. He can't smell it.


It got so bad last night, he slept on the floor. I felt rotten having him down there and he can't sleep on the couch because it's brand new and microsuede and would stain.


He's mentioned it to doctors throughout his life and none of them think it's a big deal, but it's a huge deal when we can't even share a bed!!! This sounds so mean, but I don't want him ruining my mattress, comforter, couch, etc.


I keep it cool in my bedroom and he only sleeps with a sheet. He's tried not using any blankets, but he freezes.


The only time he DOESN'T sweat is when he's drunk. That seems like the only solution but it obviously can't work



I have a plastic mattress cover on my mattress, but to be honest, I really don't want to wake up soaked every night. It's just icky to me.


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Um--he should see a doctor. What you describing are night sweats. They are not normal and are often a symptom of a serious condition, such as Hodgkin's lymphoma. Either way he should get it checked out. I would be more worried about that than anything else. He might have mentioned it to doctor's in passing but he should really stress how often they occur and get some formal tests run.

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I know... I was reading up on it and the things it's linked to scares the bejeezus out of me.


I Keep it cool in here, around 65. In the summer the AC runs...


It's not just a little sweat... It's drenchedddd. It seeps into my side and i get wet and stinky too.


I tried to tell him to get a second/third opinion but he just blows it off. Blaghhhh.

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Yikes Jen. That really is something that he needs to have checked out in more detail. Night sweats are a symptom of a more serious condition. Something is causing them and that "something" could be very serious. He needs to see a doctor. Talk to him about it and make him an appt and you both go. You need to stress how much he is sweating and be sure to tell them about the odor too. It's all very important.

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blankets drenched, bottom sheet

That seems strange - why in the world is he using a blanket and (apparently) multiple sheets if he's sweating? What if you kept the room cold but only you used blankets? I apologize if this is misinformed - maybe the sweating is not caused by heat at all.

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He said it's been going on his whole life. I completely agree. He needs a second (third? Fourth?) opinion but he's being stubborn... And not from the us so I don't know how insurance works.


To whoever asked if I can live with this longterm: of course. It's not his fault.


By sheets, I meant he sleeps on the fitted sheet that goes on the mattress and uses a top sheet. I've tried taking the blanket off of him once he's asleep but he'll wake up shivering.


I've adjusted the thermostat many times, from 64-70F with no change.


It's just really frustrating. Our sex life isn't suffering but the closeness of sleeping together is important too.


I do need him to see a doctor. I think it's bs this issue has been brushed aside for so long. What bothers me most is the odor. It just doesn't seem right.

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Does he happen to have nightmares or any kind of sleeping problems? I know that when people are afraid, such as during a nightmare, their body releases that awful smelling sweat and lots of it. It used to happen to me during nightmares when I was younger.


If he's not willing to seek further medical advice, then maybe get mattress and pillow protectors. Does he wear antiperspirant deodorant?

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He's been in the normal weight range for the past 7 or so years, but in the past year has gained maybe 15-20lbs. But, it's been going on for much longer than that.


I don't think it's the antidepressants based on he had them PRIOR to taking the pills. As for nightmares, he can't even remember his dreams let alone nightmares...


Blah. I dont want to sleep in separate beds or wake up stinky!!!!

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Did he suffer from night terrors when he was a kid?

Nope, never.

I've had night sweats before, but that's been when I'm sick or having bad side effects from medication.


I'd have him check it with his doctor. That isn't normal.


Yeah, he's going to check what his insurance is for doctors here. He bought traveler's insurance but we're unsure of the coverage.

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