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Would you stay with your gf, just because of a new puppy?


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theres been a couple of problems lately with my bf and i.

I am getting a new puppy later in the year.


Would you stick with your girlfriend over that? And prolong breaking up with her just so you want to see the puppy?


it migh tbe in my head, but it's just the way it feels right now.

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I think it would be very strange behaviour if he was doing that.


ok thanks. I've had a weird feeling for a few weeks now and was hoping it wouldn't be that coz its well...pathetic if he is.


he's just really distant. weird feeling.

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just reading this sounds awkward... i don't think a puppy would keep people from breaking up, how ever i do think a puppy would bond two people a bit more


haha i know. its a weird thought that came into my mind. Im getting a puppy. He is excited about it. but brought a few problems up with the relationship, but i thought i wonder if he's hanging on just to see this puppy and then do the breaking up, coz i thought he was going to a few weeks back,

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noo, i think they are two separate things, maybe he wants your relationship to work and change which is why he brought up th issues?


I really do hope so.


A couple of things i can change, thats easy. The others, its part of who i am. He has things he needs to work on too tho but he wont recognize them.

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