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Living in a fairy tale!... too good to be true?


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Hi there! It's been a long time since I last posted anything here. I'll try to keep this short.


I am living a fairy tale, one of those stories worthy of a movie, where love conquers in spite of adversity... in fact everything has gone so well, as if touched by the hand of destiny, that I am starting to get a little afraid.


I was a brand manager for a cool brand of drinks in my hometown in Mexico. I had a team of people building the brand and going to events and what not. One day, I decided to get out of the office and go to one of those events in an art gallery. There I met a girl, whom I thought was the owner, but she was just working there. Amazing girl, intelligent, beautiful, easy going, the whole works. We talked for the whole night, she gave me her email, next day I just dropped in at the gallery and invited her for dinner. We started going out, but quickly she told me she had a BF living far away, so she was in a LDR for 2 years. She was going to get married. We continued going out for months as friends, then I moved to Germany to study an MBA, we kept in contact, being good friends, even though I confessed that I thought we should be together as a couple.


*I'm convinced that she is the one for me. And I'm not in love with her yet. Our chemistry is off the charts. Our first dates were 12 hours doing things together, talking with no end. She even told me recently the same thing I thought about her: I know her from another life*


Fast forward 10 months, the guy breaks up with her, breaks off the engagement, treats her horribly, then all sorts of bad things about him start to surface. Infidelity, psychological problems from the past, to name a few. She is devastated, she turns to me as a friend to try to get herself back in shape, but weeks after I confess to her that I still see her as a potential couple. She confesses that at one point, she wanted to start something with me, but then I went to Germany. She asked me to forgive her for this, since she NEVER accepts invitations or gives her phone when she is in a relationship. But with me it was different. She felt compelled to do it.


She is a very strong woman, and incredibly smart. She got herself together now more or less, she has no mood swings, started NC for some weeks with the ex, so effortlesly, she is back being the happy-go-lucky girl she was before.


We keep talking to each other constantly, msn, FB, emails, SMS, phone... and 2 months after her breakup she tells me that she would not be afraid to try something with me, but not right now. She started being very nice and sweet with me. She told me many times that she wants to see me, so after some weeks, I bought a plane ticket back home to talk face to face. I leave on May 5th.


In 4 months I can go back home for 6 months to do my master thesis' research, so then we can be together in a normal situation. I think it is best to wait until I'm home 24/7 before starting a relationship with her.


My question is: How can I make sure I'm not a rebound? *Remember: we met a year ago and she had romantic feelings for me before*

What do you think I should do different?


Then again, between her and me, there has been no drama, our relationship has been very positive, and we have never EVER done something to disrespect her previous relationship. In our phase as friends, we never even held hands or kissed. It was truly a platonic friendship.


Thank you for your time!

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I'd say go with the flow, there's enough time for you two to get to know each other. I wouldn't worry so much about her using you as a rebound. After all from what you indicated she was very clear from the beginning and even after the breakup. I'm sure only good things can come from the relationship Good luck...

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She just sounds like a very emotionally stable person, even if she was thrown off by her ex, she has a way to bounce back but know herself enough to handle the situation and communicate that with you.


There's an Indiana Jones theme song buzzing in my head while writing this...

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Wow, now I got that Indy Jones song stuck in my head too! hehehe


I've said it before and I'll say it again: If all the ups and downs in my love life were supposed to happen so I could be with this girl, then I'll understand it, and I would do it all over again. All the pain and misery that I have been thru in my past are worth it if it was what I needed to live thru in order to be with her.


I don't know if it makes sense, but it does to me hehe.

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