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should I say something?

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lol i don't know this is kind of weird but when my boyfriend broke up with me and his status changed on facebook, people "liked" it and i literally FELL APART. and i don't really remember much of went on that whole first weekend lol because i just cried and cried. but one of my friends texted my ex that day asking him to delete that from his facebook and that she couldn't believe he was letting people do that. and he replied that he already did and he didn't agree with what they were doing. so all good.


THEN today i'm out to dinner with my friends and my friend tells me that she lied to me about what she actually said that day. she actually texted him saying something like "delete that from your facebook or i will seriously kill you blah blah" as well as other mean things but she can't remember what. lol i am not friends with my ex but i by no means hate him ( i haven't talked to him since it happened 2.5 months ago minus wishing him a happy birthday on fb) and i don't tell my friends to hate him either (just to not go out of their way to be nice to him )


I feel really uncomfortable that my friend said that, i don't want him to think i asked her to. i realize it's kind of spilled milk and no point in saying anything (i mean it's been a while lol) so i'm not planning on it but i just wanted to see what other people think.

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Facebook and texting are the two worst things, it seems, for relationships after breaking up. What your ex posted was just reality. You aren't together anymore. And your friend just loves you and wants to protect your feelings. So stay off of there. And even change your privacy so that "friends of friends" can't read your stuff in case he is a friend of one of your friends.

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yeah i have him hidden on fb and i don't go to it anymore (that was like the day we broke up before i was able to stop looking)


i guess i just don't like how my friends are acting around him. today they were telling me about what they do when they walk by him on campus and that's when she told me what she actually said in that text... i just really didn't ask them to act the way they are and i don't really want people to think i asked them to lol


but you're right, they're just doing it because they love me and i am very thankful for that. i can't control how they act and i really shouldn't care what he thinks anyway so yeah, not going to say anything lol I'll bet he is oblivious to it all anyway

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