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Don't feel like myself.


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I really could use some help.


I am still trying to figure out if this is hormonal, pretty sure it has to be. Basically when I'm about a week off from my period I have serious fits of anger. Literally sometimes it's like I'm having the sort of temper tantrum a child has. The weird thing is I have almost no control over these bouts of emotion; I can literally hear myself being ridiculous, getting incredibly upset over something dumb, and I know it's dumb or irrational and just feel like my hands are bound or something. Sometimes it seems like I'm outside my own body, watching myself throw a fit.


I absolutely hate it, and it isn't like me. After I have a fit like this I normally look back and feel like a psycho! I tend to take it out on my BF who is extremely patient but trust me, I'm very aware of how unfair it is. Sometimes my anger will be at least a little bit legit, but it gets blown up to 10 times its normal size and I just spew.


I am on a birth control pill that I've been on for a few years now and this is only a recent problem, so I have no idea why it would like this all of a sudden. I know this may be a stretch but I'm 22 years old now and was wondering if there could be any crazy hormone things going on as a result of my entering what is, as I understand, pretty much the peak of my fertility.


Does anyone have any suggestions or shared experiences? I need to regain some control

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