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Food for thought.


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As much as this forum is help, I've begun to think in a way it also prolongs your healing...now this is a weird way to think because this is a help forum. But by coming here everyday you're given hope and a reminder of your ex. I actually found I thought about my ex the less i came to this forum. This forum actually kind of became a habit of an everyday thing for me. Constantly reminding me.

Just a thought i had.

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You know, it's not a thought that has not been expressed before, and those who have been here longer than say 3 months or so could agree with you. I know that I had to step away from this board to gain some clarity on the situation, and it allowed me to see things for what they are and why it went wrong rather than generalized responses.


Having said that, you may heal with or without this board and while it may allow you to focus on your ex a little more, you will keep her in your heart regardless until you are ready to let her go.

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I had this thought many times when I was going through the worst of the pain with my last split. The emotional rollercoaster, the prolonged pain. I thought, when will it ever end? Enough is enough! Why is this taking so long? Maybe its ENA?


But now that I'm past it, I can clearly see that breakups are simply a long painful process that hit us at the core of our being, touching on all unresolved fears and insecurities. It would have taken this long to work through, ENA or no. Glad it was here to support and guide me.


I had a really good friend go through an infidelity break up @ the exact same time. Our healing rate was pretty much the same. She didn't use ENA.

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