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Just needing some kind words right now

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So a few weeks ago I posted on here about a guy I was talking to but had to stop talking to because I did some things that weren't good. So I had to get clean and the place I was at wouldn't let me have a phone or call anyone besides family. So when I finally got out and was ready and able to build up the courage to tell him what's happened, I learned that he got some girl pregnant after only dating her for two weeks and now they're getting married next month. According to him all the pieces fell in the right place and he really didn't want to have a child out of wedlock. I guess to some people that's understandable but in my eyes I think he moved way to fast and I'm hurt. We talked for almost two hours about two weeks ago and he really wanted to know what's on my mind. I kept on telling him its nothing and I'll be better or at least try to. On the inside however I had a ton of things I wanted to tell him mainly about how I felt about him but I just couldn't because I didn't want to jeopardized his relationship with this girl that's apparently "the one" for him so I kept my feelings to myself. We're friends on facebook and he told me he wanted to still be friends. There are days when I want to send him a text to see how he's doing but I don't. Funny thing is the girl he's going to marry thought we were dating when we were only talking. I've tried to talk to my friends about it and they have helped by keeping me busy by doing dance, cheerleading, and staying in California for a few months and stuff but they honestly think that his relationship with this girl isn't going to last long at all. I'm not hoping that it doesn't work, I just want him to be happy and if its with this girl then yay for him, but I know deep down I'm always going to have a regret for doing what I did last year, letting him slip away, that I have things I want to tell him but can't, and that I'm torn. I don't know I just needed to vent because I thought I was doing good but then today he popped into my head and I just been crying on and off.

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