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how do you endure your world where people everywhere treats you like crap?...

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Hi guys, need some moment to vent... Supposedly im feeling better but still it's effing hard to cope with people around you everyday who are supposedly close to you and yet treats you like crap


1st: My ex left me a few weeks ago... Im on my way moving on but still whenever I feel depressed even because of other people, I feel like Im just a no good person and even doesnt deserve to be with her thats why she left me... For this thing, you can look on my past threads...


2nd: At home, my parents treats me like I cant do anything good by myself without their advise, everything I must do must be on their terms. It seems like they are my parents thus whatever they say, I must do it because they know the best for me. But they are pressuring me to be perfect or should I say an ideal son that the only thing matter for me is this family that I should sacrifice everything for the sake of this family. Whenever I make even the simplest mistakes, they will turn it into a big deal and it seems that I made the worst mistake ever. For example last night, Im just doing my assignment and my father wanted to talk online (he's in abroad), my mother came and told my father right away that Im just playing games (I dont know but my father hated me for playing games since Im 12 yrs old, and im 21 now), then my father started shouting at me thus I tried defending myself, I told them it's just a wallpaper but they kept shouting at me and that made me resort to saying something not nice to stop them but that doesnt end there, they called me a demon because of that the I disrespected them that all of my friends are demon (but I havent been seeing most of my friends, for this more than a year, Ive focused on this effing family, my studies and my GF w/c left me a few weeks ago. I dont know but since elementary, it seems that they dont want me to have a life outside our family, they dont want me to be with my friends (they are all good, all christians, doesnt commit any crimes and doesnt do drugs), they want me to go home right after school so my routine will be home - school - home.


3rd: School. Yes even at school, I feel like they are treating me like trash. I got an almost failing gradees because of a biased profesor, one of my classmates who is not even closed to being good as me in electronics and passed his project late got even a higher mark than me. I suspected that maybe because im timid and always silent thats why our prof didnt noticed my efforts but everytime Im showing off my skills, they will just treat me a show off. If my other classmates are showing off their skills, its ok for them but for me, it seems that its not good for them. If they need some help, they are good at me but after helping them, I wont even get a simple thanks instead they will try to make it looks like they are the one who did that without any help...


Im doing my best to become happy by myself... alone... Im telling myself that I dont need this people around me but its hard for me to ignore them because they are always with me in my everyday living... No matter what I do to make myself feel good, people everywhere makes me feel bad about myself. It seems that nobody respects me and treats me as a person... I know if I can endure this things I can become strong but Im afraid that if this will happen, I will become a cold hearted toward others and it's also a bad thing... I just dont know what to do, Im not just depressed because my gf left me, Im also depressed because of the people around me... uuugggghhh...

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Sorry to hear about the troubles with you ex & your parents. The great thing I learned around your age is that when you make a transition in your life (in my case, moving out of my parents house to go to college) you can sort of start your own identity over. Granted, I didn't become a completely different person or anything, but I felt like I was free to change things about myself because there was no one there who knew me before. I think a lot of people feel like that. It sounds like you still live with your parents? Completely reasonable way to save money. And you are almost finished with school anyway. Maybe once you finish school & move to start a job, you can sort of start over. You don't HAVE to find a way to be alone & happy in life. I think it would be almost IMPOSSIBLE for most people!! People by nature are very social, and almost anyone would get depressed feeling alone all the time.


In the meantime, keep busy with school & activities you enjoy & try not to just hang around your parents for them to yell at you over nothing. Present yourself nicely. How you look plays a big part in how people treat you. Where clean, non-wrinkled clothing, shower, keep your hair trimmed, brush your teeth, smile & greet people every day. (not saying that you aren't doing those things already!) A good way to make friends with someone is engaging in conversation where you both end up laughing, and maybe suggesting a group get together with 3-4 other people in that class (for instance say, "anyone wanna grab lunch after class?") If not these partivular people, you will eventually meet some people who are similar to you & would enjoy hanging out!

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I guess you're right about what you have said... Thank you very much alli... I guess I dont have any choice for now but to wait until I finish my studies and start a new life... 1 more year and Im done but also, I will feel this depression for a whole year more... uuuuggghhh....

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and why do you worry about everyone else?

who are they?

why are they so important?

they aren't =)

honestly the only importance they have is the importance you are giving them...

remember who you are, one day you will show all them. then who will laugh at who?

even bill gates said so, laugh at the nerds today because one day they will be your boss.


im alone and im pretty happy =)



my parents are the same =P

maybe even worse! i don't even live with them anymore and i swear my mom calls me every hour, and every night she still calls me to tell me to brush my teeth!

hahahah LOL


remember they are your parents they will always be older than you and alway will look down at you as their little one =)

nothing wrong thou they just love you and try to show you the way =)

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thanks my friend... sorry if I havent been keeping up with you here in ENA, I dont know but although Im feeling better with the breakup, there are still other things like this one that makes me upset... I really want to ignore them and keep my focus on myself specially this times that I need to heal, it's just that I cant find any support from people around me, most of them even looks down on me thank god I found this site where I can ask for help from people who are willing to help me...

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