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Broke up with girlfiend.. now Im confused


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Hey everyone. Just broke up with my girlfriend last night with Ive been with for only 5 months. For the last 2 weeks, I just felt that things for me in the relationship just wern't working. I would get really agitated by her, annoyed, felt smothered, we didnt have similar interests and she didnt really fit in with my group of friends. I just felt that I was missing out by being with someone that I wasn't truly sure I wanted to be with. I finally decided to break it off last night, because in a week and a halfs time I'm going on a business trip for 2 months, and didn't want to string her along for 2 months waiting for me only to have me come home and end things. I felt it was the right thing to do.


Well today I feel like crap, I feel bad I hurt her, I wonder if I made a mistake, and hope I didn't just throw away something special with someone that really cared a great deal for me and was very supportive.


Shes the first girl Ive ever broken up with. Are these feelings normal? or a sign that I did make a mistake?

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Did you love her? Did you end it respectfully?


In the end, you are the only one who can decide if you have done the wrong thing. It is a normal feeling for anyone to have, except if you are a complete sociopath! However, if this feeling lingers after time and you do want her in your life, if you treated her with respect things could change when you do have more time for her.



One question though: if you had nothing in common, and she doesn't fit in with everyone else around you, why were you together for 5 months?

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At the end of the day, by letting her go, she can find someone who will love her.


True, don't feel guilty. She may be in pain now, but the pain of stringing her along is much greater. Plus, there is no way a man can hide his diminishing feelings. We'll sense them and the prolonged pain of being with someone who is no longer really into you is much harsher than a break up.


You'll both be OK.


Whatever you do, don't go back. That would be worse for her.

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Yes I did love her. Maybe even still. I just didnt feel that we were truly meant for eachother. We fought at least one every 2 weeks, and i know it was because of our differences. I just didn't want it to get to the point where we hated each other. I wanted to end it while we both still cared for each other.


I stayed with her because only recently did I start to really see these things. Also we were a lot alike in many ways, we just had different interests. I believe I did it respectfully.. she knew it was hard for me to do.


Should I text her or anything to see if shes doing o.k today, or should I just give her space right now?

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