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Hopefully it works

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Well were going to try couples counseling and go from there and see how things workout for the better. In the mean time I've been looking to get out of this situation and look for a place to live on my own, Im guessing that probably wont happen till the end of may. I need out this is just not healthy for me or for her. I apologized to her for exploiting her like i did!


For whats going on right now its just a big mess and there all playing there part so Im getting out of the situation because I feel thats the healthiest thing for me as we speak. I probably wont go to iowa, nope! because it keeps getting pushed out and Im not going to sit around and let that happen.


I just started counseling and shes been making some good pointers to me. In a way how shes using me. I think theres a lot of boundaries being violated as well. Were going to try and work things out and see how things if she continues to lie to me im out and if my parents keep doing this S!@# i aint talking to them no more nope! I know there lying to me. I think there going to try and pull it off up north on a family vacation. Not if I don't go!


See this is what I don't get my family thinks I need rehab when in all reality there the ones that need it. Come on what kind of father drinks 4times a week by himself??? REHAB!


the only part of my life I really don't have together is my financial status and that shouldn't take to long. I did get into a bit of trouble for a while, but I plan on mending some ends here within the next couple of weeks so to speak. I owe a lot of people a lot of money and thats where I plan on starting and other things as well that are financially related. so my weakness as we speak is my career. Maybe this is a point thats holding us back I don't but time will tell in the end.


There was a whole grip load of things I got into trouble for, I owe one girl 1,300, I owe a friend of mine like 600, I owe another guy like 175. A lot of it is financial. I also got into trouble with some kid I called a * * * * and then he went around and was spreading rumors about me being a crypt and all of this and it spread throughout the black community like crazy good thing I know some people to help clear this up, because I aint no gang member and never have been. Another thing one night I threatend a guy and that spread throughout this county and now a lot of people have been pretty pissed because this guy passed away not too long after I said that too him. I don't even know how it happened in the first place and everybody is blaming me for it. Does it bother me no if anybody wants to confront me about any of it It wouldn't bother me one bit. The only way to deal with it is to confront and deal with it and move on.


I don't need rehab 3/4s of the people in the county I live in need rehab. If people really knew what was going on this would all make a whole lot of sense, but I feel the only way to get out of the situation like this is start all over again.

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