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Getting hamstrung by everyone!


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My business vehicle is in the shop....owner won't return my calls about when it will be done.


One supplier forgot to order a part crucial to my current project. "Haven't you ever ordered from us before?"....yeah, like 30 times....you forgot, don't try to put the blame on me.


Other supplier went on vacation, and didn't hand off my schemetics for approval. So I'm starting from scratch, when this started 5 days ago.


And my deadline is dwindling. If it rains anytime in the next 5 days, I'm screwed.....and I get the blame, no one else.


Whatever happened to pride in workmanship and professionalism?


Rant over.

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I've been telling people for several years that we're turning into the old Soviet Union. Are you old enough to remember them? Nobody had the chance to move up in the world, the Communist government declared what everyone would do for a living and that's what you're stuck with. So what happened? Everyone gave up. Nobody cared if they made a toaster that worked, or made a better sandwich, or repaired someone's car - they never benefited either way.


With America heading toward the elimination of the middle class, we're finding ourselves in the same boat. No matter how hard we work, we'll never get ahead (generally speaking) - the rich will keep getting more of the money and we'll keep finding ourselves closer and closer to the poor no matter what we do.


So we give up and stop having pride in our work.


Plus, there's news all over the place about how today's generation expects to get more for working less, to get promoted just for being their wonderful self, so there's no reason to work as hard. I remember when all the men came back from WWII, and they were thrilled to get a job as a soda jerk at the drugstore.



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