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My friend, who is now no longer my friend started ignoring me not too long ago causing me to confront her. She was too immature to tell me so she had to use my friend to tell me off.


Reason 1: She thought I was creepy for saying "good morning" or "hello" when she logged onto the chat program we use. Now in my book, this is called being friendly. In October through now we talked a lot. Like constantly. Most conversations initiated by her.


Reason 2: I text her too much. The past 2 months I texted her maybe 10 times total. In December through February she texted me (Incoming only) 1,000+ times per month.


Reason 3: This one is legit, she was having family issues, she had to call the police on her brother or something. This is in reference to how I said she wasn't there for me when my friend killed himself. The problem is though that in that whole time she spent plenty of time on Facebook and playing video games. Also, I was always there for her when she had problems.


I don't know what brought about the sudden change because before she never had a problem with it. So I left her with an ultimatum. I said if it was always a problem, I can't be her friend because it shows I can't trust her and she doesn't have the courage to tell me when there is a problem.


Who's at fault here? Me or her?


All of my friends agree that it's ****** up that she wasn't there for me when my friend killed himself even if she had issues with her brother after everything we've been through.

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There isn't a "right" and a "wrong". You are just not understanding each other at the moment. Some people simply can't support you thru hard things. If she doesn't want to be your friend and you don't want to be her friend, just stop being friends. You don't need to prove anything picking at it isn't helpful. just let it go.

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I agree that there isn't exactly a right and wrong here.

She had her reasons for her behaviour that you classify as not being there for you. And she probably thinks she didn't do anything wrong.

Clearly you are not on the same page. And from that i would judge you not compatible enough to be close friends as you expect different things from eachother.


Personally i don't think it should matter what we think of her behaviour (or yours) as it is bothering you and that is enough.

But since you have asked, i wouldn't have accepted this from my friends if i had been in the same situation.

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