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Another one of those "Please interpret this email for me" posts :)


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Hi everyone


hope you all are well and are NC'ing yourselves to a happier life.


So, brief backstory, we broke up this January, amicable BU, we study together, I love her still, we did discuss getting together again, I think she might have another guy (no clue since I never talked to her about relationships etc) though some time after a breakup she told me she kissed this dude. Since then I have kept more distance.


I have just recently come off the Overanalysis bus that I was once on.

However, getting this email a few minutes ago has gotten me questioning her motives.


So, I ask of the objective input from my dear fellow ENAers about what you think of her message.


Note: I helped her with her project work today and I gave a closing speech to the club we run together. I will be leaving uni this year after exams and she will stay for another year.


Thank you for your time folks. Hope you can provide me with insight into this.


All the best






Hey 'TS',


I Just wanted to say a special thank you for your help today!


Thank you so much!


And - great speech in the AGM I'm truly going to miss you next year! Once your are out there, where ever you choose to be from summer on....don't be a stranger....keep in touch!


I'm not saying my goodbyes now btw lol....just wanted to tell you the above to make sure....


x 'her name' x



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Thanks Chris K.

Yeah, I won't make too much of a big deal of it.

Thing is, last year when we broke up first time, she gave me a birthday present with some bland obscure message like this email written in the card, only to want us to make it work after our exams were over.


But I won't read further into it.


BTW, I'm looking forward to the new Elms Street movie.

Jackie Haley was a wicked Rorcshach in Watchman. Spot on from the graphic novel!



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