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I think I got myself in a..


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I met this girl online a year ago. At first we were talking a lot, on the phone, online, etc.


We became good friends, we met 3 times a month ago and I have a crush on her, the problem is that I think I got myself in the "Friend Zone" since she were talking about other guys almost every time we talk/meet, I told her once (but not directly, my may say hints, but not officially) that I like her and want to be more than friends.


I want to ask her out this week, but it sounds that she is starting to see this guy she works with.


My questions are: Do I ask her out and tell her what are my intentions and leave her to decide? or I ask her sister if she's seeing someone before I ask her? I really need some advice before my feelings get deeper and hard to control.


(Sorry about my english)

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