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they always think he's gonna propose


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a girlfriend of mine saw a text message i got from my boyfriend. my friend read and and now She is always going on about how he is going to propose.


Actually many people i know keep saying it or asking 'when ya you two going to get married'.


At first i didn't mind it, but now, i cant help but to think about it a little more than i would usually coz im asked so frequently.


Do any of your girlfriends do this?

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Guess it all depends on how old you are, how long you've been dating and how compatible you are as a couple. But none of my friends have asked. Maybe it's because I'm still a bit young to be considering such a move.


Well, i am 25 and he is 28 and we've been together just over a year.

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Yup. Girlfriends, co-workers even family members. Been that way for the last year atleast.


I just remind them that I know him, and know his style and he wouldn't go ahead until he's had my input on picking a ring.


And I was right. I don't know why people feel the need to do this in all seriousness.

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My friends and family do this too! On my birthday my brothers girlfriend was so convinced he was going to propose she rang me after we'd been out for dinner to "see how it went" haha. Every time I say I've got some good news they think we're getting married. I also have a friend who keeps saying we're going to get engaged soon because we're "practically married anyway".


Not just my friends and family then haha!

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