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Ok before I start, I'm in a loving 1 year long distance relationship and I love my boyfriend to death.


Recently, I met this other guy online. We got talking and I really liked him, we have the same interests and he's fun to talk to, I could see him being a good friend.


I've only known him for about 2 weeks. After the first week, he started acting different. He calls me cute and gorgeous all the time. He asks to see my on my webcam all the time to see my smile because he really likes it. And he's actually phoned me twice. He says things like 'your mine', 'I hate (my boyfriend) because he get's you to himself' and things, and tells me I have a sweet personality and that I'm funny, smart etc.


I dunno. I think he's messing with my head. I'm not sure if he means any of it


But the thing is, lately I can't stop thinking about him. And I don't know why. He's constantly on my mind, it's hard to concerntrate on other things and I just want to talk to him all the time. But it's just really strong, I'm kinda freaked out because I've never felt like this before. Maybe it's just infatuation?


He keeps joking that I'm 'falling for him' but I know I'm not, I hardly know anything about him really, but I don't know what I'm feeling. Ahhh confused!! help me

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I agree if you love your boyfriend you need to stop talking to this guy. This guy is screaming "player" vibes bigtime!!! He likes that you're taken, trust me, the moment you give in to him and he thinks he has you, he will change. This is just what I get from what you've told me... he's just being way too forward and flirty in my opinion. He should have more respect for the fact that you have a boyfriend.


Also what would your boyfriend think about this relationship you're having?


Just some things to consider... I'm not at all being judgemental either, just offering some advice based on my experience.

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