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Input on current situation..thanks!


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So my ex had called me on my birthday to wish me well and stuff which was about a week and a half ago. Before that we had been talking for around a month on and off after 2 weeks of nc after we broke up. now she has started deleting pics on facebook of us, some not all, and she hasn't contacted me at all. i've been trying not to initiate contact since the birthday call which i have done successfully but i would like to talk to her again bc we said we were goin to stay in contact. She is acting as if i dumped her since she is not initiating conversations, deleting pictures and basically pretending like i dont exist and acting very immature at the same time. Is she doing this because she is trying to get over me and its hard for her and this is the only way she can do it?? Or is she not starting contact because she is seeing if i still care enough to talk to her or bc she is scarred she still has feelings for me and it makes her depressed and guilty when she talks to me? i dont know i just wish i could have all the answers but i know i never will. She is younger than me and also has people in her family telling her not to talk to me. I am really annoyed by this whole thing because ive always been there and she just acts like im nothing. I really have been getting better about moving on but i want to believe there is some hope to remain in contact with her and still enjoy each others company because we still have the most amazing chemistry. I keep thinking maybe when she goes away from her parents to school she will mature and realize what she gave up but im not going to sit back and wait for that so im very conflicted. i really do love her and i know she knows that but how do i go forward? should i try talking to her at all? or should i just keep with no initiating contact and see if she eventually talks to me? i do realize how our relationship went south but i just wish i could fix it and i just keep hoping she will be on the same page as me but i guess she is just too immature...

Any help on this? thanks

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