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This seems pretty petty but i need some opinions...

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So i havent logged on to ealone for the last 2 weeks... mostly cause ive made up my mind to REALLY move on and not play the vm mentality... This website is great for getting advice and learning to cope but if ya really want to move on and NOT think about the relationsihp ya might have to give it a break.


So on with my current situation....


Well as i have said i have been moving on and doing quite well. I feel peace, my relationships around me have improved,, i see the improvements in many areas of my life... I honestly feel or felt on top of the world. Ive also heard through the grapevine that my EX isn't doing well. Her whole family is basically dissapointed in her in how she has changed.


So breaking up with me was just one of the things she did. She's basically change in someway not even her family knows what she is up to these days. So knowing that has helped lighten the load knowing that the break up was less my fault that i originally thought. She has changed with everyone not just me.


I have been doing EVERYTHING right, and im at the point where im at peace in knowing that if we do or dont get back together i have handled this in an ADULT manner. Ive kept my dignity and have grown from this.


So everything is great until yesterday.... My mom was VERY close to my ex... and soon after the breakup my ex wrote to my mom to just see how she was on facebook. And ever since my ex has never again wrote to my mom. My mom has tried to get in contact with her to see how she was doing but no luck,, this was all towards the beggining of the break up.


So im speaking with my mom about the news about how my ex has changed and how she has even "broken up" with her own family for my mom to tell me,,, Yeah thats why i deleted her off of facebook............................................... For whatever reason or another that bothered the HELLL out of me. I asked her why would she do something like that? i guess cause ive been doing so well lately, i dont want myself or anyone on my side of the fence to look WEAK.... i feel as though what my mother did reflects on me.


One of the issues me and my ex had was that she would feel i would complain a lot about her to my best friends and mom... which wasnt the case... but in my mom doing this... i feel my ex might think that i did that and my mom deleted her...also i feel it shows weakness on My moms part and even mine... It shows that WE are petty for my mom deleting her. And i told my mom DONT delete her,, dont do anything anymore,, just let her be... act like what she does doesn't matter. So ive been ghost for the last month and a half and now this brings me back to her attention in a negative light when i wanted to drop off the earth and her radar completely...


What do u guys think,,, Do you think im overanalyzing everything,,, i mean maybe she hasnt even notice my mom isnt her friend,,, it might not mean nothing....


In a positive light one could say.... its fine that your mom deleted her,, it shows u guys are moving on. Thats what a friend told me,,, Im just mad that my camp did something to make me reappear on her radar... i wnated to be totally ghost.

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well i guess i am being petty and over analytical with this whole thing since there are no responses. Apparently my mom deleted her a little over 2 weeks ago because some lady at her job told her to (why would my mom listen to her and not me,, sigh, i told her dont do anything let things be),,, i didn't know she did and was doing fine.... I guess it is what it is.


My mom was going to re-add my ex but i told her not too...wats the point. They dont speak anymore anyways. My mom was just trying to block her updates not completely remove her, she doesn't know much about social networkinsg site.... anyways.... Going to continue moving on, and forget this little bump on the road.

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