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keep stuff from ex?


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What does it mean when our significant other keeps cards from his ex?

I don't know why, but I wanted to snoop in his stuff and it was in a box in our closet, the bad she gave him and the card, Happy 2 month anniversary.

Do you think he may not be over her?


We are going on 3 years pretty soon and have been living together

for 2 years...


Do any of you keep stuff from your ex? IF so, WHY?

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I've kept some of the highlight stuff from some exes. I think mainly people throw that stuff away because it hurts them to have it. I don't keep the stuff because I want them back, or even miss them. It's just stuff thats a part of my life, just like my 10th birthday.


From what you said about your relationship, I wouldn't worry about it again.

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I keep stuff from my exes. And all the girls I have dated have stuff from their exes as well. As long as it is out of sight, it shouldn't be a problem. I keep the stuff because they remind me of those parts of my life. I don't start missing them or anything when I look through it, but I do look through the stuff every once in a blue moon.

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I have kept some stuff from exes and I don't see anything wrong with it. It is part of my life, a piece of my past, but that's it. I don't keep it because I want the person back or anything.


If the stuff is in a box and just packed away as momentos, I see no problem. If it is set up with candles like a shrine in the living room... THAT'S a problem! LOL

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At one point, I kept a shoebox for each of my ex bf inside my closet.


I never thought about them, nor did I ever take them out to reminisce. I just kept it there for memories.


However, recently I decided to throw them all away and shred all the letters. I realized I no longer need that part of my life, because I'm in a much better place.


I don't think it really means that your bf is no longer over their ex. Maybe he just keeps it as an experience from the past.

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Like the song goes - "the hardest part of breaking up... is getting back your stuff!"


People save stuff as a memory/record of that part of their life, but it doesn't mean they want to go back. Some recovered alcoholics keep an empty liquor bottle around to remind them not to make the same mistakes again.


If it's packed away, I wouldn't read anything into it. It's there so the grandkids can find it in the attic and get to know his whole life story one day ;-)

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