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Why would a guy do this...?


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OK, there's this guy I kinda like that I see once or twice a week at the place that he works... When I go in, we'll chat for a while, sometimes hours...


When we met, we both were in relationships, but we've both recently become single and we both know this as it's come up in conversation. Recently, since he's been single, he's been acting kind of "macho" in a way... The thing is, I don't believe the whole macho talk... he seems more of a nerdy type to me lol... He'll talk about how he used to be when he was younger... how he'd had too much fun back in the day (with girls... which he admits was a dumb thing, but he was young)... He'll basically talk about how he used to be an a-hole when he was younger and how dumb he'd been back in those days.


OK... why tell me this? I mean... why do some guys try to act all macho with women? Does this mean he's trying to show off or something? I have lots of guy friends and they do these types of things, but not to the extent of this guy... I mean it seems like he's trying to make it a point to let me know that he's had his share of girls, but he's not like that anymore... Is this something guys do to feel more macho or something and try to get girls to notice him? I mean seriously, he doesn't need to do it... I already notice him...


I know guys are clueless when it comes to women... but I do plenty enough to let him know I'm into him. I mean for Christ's sake... I come into his work a couple times a week and chat for hours... I'll pretty much just sit my butt down and keep him company (as he's alone at work every day)... is this not enough to let him know I like him? Or is he telling me these things because he knows I like him and he's trying to let me know he's not interested? I don't think that's the case though because he seems to have no problem at all with me hanging out for hours on end with him...


So ya... guys... why do you talk about other women with us...? Is it to get us jealous... let us know you're not interested... keep us on our toes... why the heck do you do this???

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I think he wants to let you know that he's had his fair share of experiences in the past, and he's changed his ways.


Some guys are just weird sometimes, and they'll tend to "brag" about their past experiences, thinking that it may impress us or let us know that they are a viable commodity - without knowing that it may actually turn us off.


Why not get to know him a little better, and see how he truly is and then take it from there?


Hope it works out!

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Thanks everyone... Ya I'd planned to ask him out for coffee last week but I wussed out... lol. I'm a pretty confident person but for some reason I keep backing out when I get around him! I'm totally the type of chick to do the asking and not wait for the guy but for some reason I can't bring myself to asking this guy...


I've been kinda giving him hints instead and am trying to see if I can read him and his body language... I read somewhere that if a guy is interested in you he'll face your direction a lot when they're sitting (subconsciously of course). He does this most of the time when we talk... I've tried giving him suttle hints (does subtle work with guys? lol)... like one time he was showing me something that he was reading and I stood so close that I was basically molesting his personal space... lol... And the other day I brought him his fave drink... hoping he'll get the hint that I at least notice what he likes! Gosh... I so feel like I'm in High School again! lol.

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