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Very confused about my BC prescription!


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I was precribed Loestrin FE - and yet when I opened the packet I found a substitution galled 'Gildess FE' which also came with 21 days of active therapy, when in the past when I took it had didn't have 24????


Also, we are told over and over to not miss pills, yet don't we miss like 7 pills every months?? I read somehwere Loestrin FE24 is very effective because sometimes follicles can stimulate after 7 days with no therapy. I am desperate not to get pregnant (So add on condoms and spermicide every time!) What is with all this?

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I'm kind of confused by your post.. but I think when you say we're told not to miss pills, yet we miss 7 every month, you're thinking of placebo pills. Active birth control pills are taken for 21 days. The 7 at the end of your pack are placebo pills that don't actually have hormones, but are there so you can continue the pattern of taking a daily pill.

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I understand that, I mean how does after missing 7 pills a month, does the pill remain effective when if we miss 2 pills during therapy we can get pregnant but not after missing 7???


Because the 7 that you're "missing" every month don't contain the hormones that are needed to stop an egg - they're simply placebos. During the time that you're taking them, you get your "period" (breakthrough bleeding) and everything runs its course as it should. Missing two pills at any other time means you're missing the hormones that are needed to stop the release of an egg.

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Ok, the Gildess FE you received is a generic version of the Loestrin FE you were perscribed originally. Most insurances that have perscription coverage require that perscriptions are filled with generic options first before the "name brand" ones (they can be much more expensive).


When you don't take the pills for 7 days, you will be having your period, so, in theory, you won't get pregnant during that time. The Gildess FE is a 21 day pill cycle, so you would take the "active" pills for 21 days and then take 7 days off to complete the 28 day normal cycle. Different types of pills would give you the placebo pills to take to keep you on schedule, but the 21 day ones do not. You need to remember to take the active pills again after your 7 day "break" to allow you to mensruate.


When you miss 2 pills duing your "active" pills, there is increased risk of getting pregnant due to the interruption of the hormones to your system. When you don't take pills for 7 days at the end of the pack, you are allowing your system a break from the horones and allowing your period to occur.


I hope this makes sense! LOL If not, I would contact your doctor or practicioner to explain it better.

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You don't get your period on placebo pills; it is breakthrough bleeding and not the same as a regular period. The reason you can stop taking the hormones during this time is because all the pills you took earlier (with the hormones) made sure an egg was not released. Since ovulation only occurs a few days in your cycle, you don't have to worry about ovulating during the break-through bleeding, and and if the hormones fail and an egg was released, most likely it wouldn't attach anyway because of the bleeding.

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Ahhh I think you are talking about that last week of pills, right?


My best-friend never took those. I did but that was only to keep myself in the routine of taking a pill every day. All they are is iron pills, not active BC which is why if during that week you went straight into a new pack instead of not taking them or taking them, you'd skip your period for that month.


If you miss a active BC pill you WILL get pregnant because it's a active birth control pill, the last 7 pills are just iron pills, therefore no need to take them.

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