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Overcoming anxiety/ panic attacks?

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I have been experiencing a lot of anxiety lately and I need to stop it before it starts screwing with my life/ body.


When I say anxiety I don't mean feeling a little nervous or uneasy about something... I mean having full-on panic attacks, grinding my teeth, all of that sort of stuff. I don't know what to do


I'm a teaching student in my final year and it is incredibly stressful. I have my first day of teaching placement tomorrow and I am freaking out about it. My mentor teacher is not very nice and I can just predict that the whole placement is going to be terrible. I keep having panic attacks that just come over me, I can't breathe and my throat spasms, my face goes all red and blotchy and it's horrible, like I have no control over my body. Leading up to tomorrow I've also been grinding my teeth so much that they are incredibly sore. Even in my sleep I grind my teeth.


I don't know what to do. I am so anxious and nervous about everything, just so overwhelmed by this year of study because it is so full-on. I don't know how I can go about my day without being taken over by these horrible feelings of anxiety and anguish.

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I am not sure about the panic attacks but I can speak on the teaching. You need to know that you are in charge. You are the teacher and are ready to give your knowledge to the students. The more ready you are the better you will be able to deal with whatever monkeywrenches the students throw at you, and they will throw them. As long as you know you are the teacher, you are in charge, you will be able to handle the adversity. The fear of the adversity may be causing your anxiety. Prepare, prepare, prepare and then go in READY to be the teacher. I had no social life when i did my practicum, first year teaching is incredibly time consuming when done right. Good luck, you will do great if teaching is your passion. Teaching is very rewarding.

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OH MY GOD! I was going to make practically the exact same post... I'm a student teacher, too, just finishing teacher's college and this morning I woke up with this feeling like I was about to experience a panic attack! And last night I was practically in tears and about to throw up because my boss from work called and told me she can't find my deposit form and blamed it on me.


My second mentor teacher was HIGHLY critical... he ended up giving me a good review in the end but ever since that point my anxiety level has been so high I just don't know what to do with myself. Because being a student teacher means everyone's gonna assess your level of charisma and character and class management is so important... it's scary as heck.


My throat spasms, too, when in social situations when I really want to make a good impression... I'm considering medication at this point... but I don't really know what's available or even reasonable to take...


I don't know what I mean by this post other than to say, hang in there! And you're not alone. If you feel like messaging me, feel free... you can rant to me or something... whatever will help!

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Thanks for the advice guys. I still really don't know what to do about the panic attacks. Crying and throwing up are other things that tend to happen. I'm leaving for my first day at school in 40 minutes and I feel so nauseous, I am constantly dry-reaching and I feel like I am going to throw up so badly.


Thanks for the teaching advice april15. I have a grade 3/4 class. I'm not so worried about the kids, but more so my mentor teacher. She is so horrible.


I just don't know what to do to get these feelings away. I've tried medication but it always makes things worse.

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I imagine they're different for every person, but you've got to fight them. The moment you believe you can't control them, they'll get the better of you. I had some trouble with them last year when I was going through some mess. For me, the key was believing I was in control and telling myself that the physiological manifestation would go away eventually if I could get my mind right. It worked, but it was hard.


There are a lot of articles online about them and how to overcome them. I'd recommend some reads so you can gauge other people's experiences.

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I used to get anxiety attacks in certain situations and what I would do to get a handle on them is close my eyes and imagine I am petting my old dog.


I can't say it eliminates the attack altogether, but for me it would keep it from getting worse, sort of put the brakes on it and I could gradually step down.



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