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In limbo

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I had my 4th interview for a killer job last week (first was a phoner, 2nd was with same person that gave me a phoner, 3rd was a group interview, 4th included the regional manager). I got a call yesterday saying that I got the job (!!!!) ; but (grr) I don't. Basically..... they need to fill the job, like yesterday, but corporate somehow re-did the quarterly budget not to included payment/benefits for this position. I was told that they are going to "try" to fix this problem. Best case scenario: they will fix it. Worse case: I have to wait until the next quarter. It was implied that the later scenario was more likely.


Should I even bother "waiting" Is this a sign that this company is not one I should work for? I mean they basically want an answer for my commitment to hold my availability to July 1st!!! how rare is that? I have never heard of such a thing!

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So is it a "sure thing" you would have the job in July? Or do you have to wait, to say June 1st, before you know. If you have a job right now, why not? Are the benefits good for new job? Pay? If so I would keep current job, keep applying, and if it works out then great!!! I don't think this means that this is a bad company. Stuff on the corporate level can be kind of funky sometimes!!!

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It is a GREAT job. Less responsibility....a TON of more money.... Honestly, a LOT more money. Good benefits. This job could lead to better things. But...


*They want a solid commitment now

*I don't know if this is a sign that maybe they are not a trustworthy company. This was a six week interview process. I mean this is a HUGE thing to overlook.


I need to really consider this. I am also afraid that somehow when the time comes up that they will change their minds again!

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Very good idea. I will ask. If they want to have me commit then they should have to commit to me as well.


lol, yes!


if they expect that you sit around and do nothing for the next few months and not apply for other jobs, then they should gaurantee the job for you.


it might not be a bad thing, at least you'll have some time off and can just relax!

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