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Too good to be true.


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Last week i met up with a guy who i had been talking to online. We went on a blind date and it went great. Since then we have seen each other 3 times and have spoken nearly every day.


The thing is that things seem almost too good to be true. He and i match up perfectly on all our values, goals etc, have amazing chemistry and have fun together. We get on really well and even though its only been a week we feel like we have known each other forever.


Its going to sound really immature but something feels so different about this guy to every other relationship i have had. He came out and said that he feels it too.


I wonder though if its too good to be true. I am well aware of the 'honeymoon phase' etc however it doesnt feel like just hormones. He has respected my decision to wait so it can't be physical. We just seem to click perfectly. He's already met my parents and he's introducing me to his and his friends as well this weekend.


I have never fallen so hard and fast for anyone before but something just feels right. I know its probably just hormones but it really honestly does feel like something more. His qualities are everything i have always dreamed about having and he's also not cocky or overconfident so i feel like what he is saying is genuine. I'm not getting the 'vibe' frorm him that he's not honest (which i did get with other ex's which werent). I have also made him very aware of my faults and yet he still feels the same.


Is this type of thing possible and can it work? Or am i just kidding myself?

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I do think its possible, but as you said, you are in the hunnymood phase. Perhaps in a few months you may ahve changed your mind when you've had a chance to discover all the little things about hiim that you dont like as much. In the mean time dont overthink it and enjoy the fantastic connection you ahve with your new man

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sounds like you're getting ready to self-sabotage or are wearing rose-tinted glasses



bear in mind you barely know this guy, and although everything could be peachy on the outside, you have great chemistry, blablabla, he has issues just like everyone else and there will be things that you won't like as you get to know him deeper. Seeing it as perfection will only hurt harder the first time you guys argue or disagree about something. Not to mentiuon the extremely slim possibility that he's a player and just knows all the right things to say. (really hope that's not the case, I see no reason to suspect this)


I'm very happy for you that you're so happy, but just go with the flow and don't expect too much. Most of all, enjoy getting to know him

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