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please help


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hello all,


im fairly new to this but i need advise.


me and my girl have been together for near 9 months and we have often spoken of marriage and having a family and all one day, and i plan to propose to her on her birthday in 5 months once ive gotten her fathers approval ofcourse,


i plan on taking her out to luna park for the day (her familys coming but thats cool with me) then taking her out to dinner. i wonder resteraunt or picnic? prop retsaraunt be better at night.. anyway, im tryng to think of the right thing to say hows this...


"elizabeth....bethske(pet name) ... i love you, you are my best friend , the person i trust the most and love the most and shall love with all my heart everyday of our lives together, will you marry me? .....(insert answer here).... hehe do tell me if this sounds like the right way to go about the whole day? does it sound memorable eneough? any suggestions would be well appreciated i also plan on including...



*a ring (duh)

possibly a teddy bear i will win her at luna park



please let me know as it is fairly soon, thankyou so much,



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