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I dreamed about the ex.....unintentionally. Bad thing for me, i popped in a herbal anti depressant hoping i manage emotionally. But still..no use.


I can still feel the shock waves of the break up. Her lack of empathy, the lying the cheating. My mind is unable of coping with this. I've become extremely paranoid. EXTREMELY. No chance of a normal life anymore. NOT CAPABLE of a new relationship. PTSD i suppose.


It's a real bad state to be in. Feel like hanging myself. Pray for me.


Will try and get some other off the counter anti depressants. Don't want to visit the shrink.

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hey buddy, i was in your shoes. she cheated on me and we were engaged...i had dreams too...or nightmares i should say...the only thing that helped me sleep is an anti depressant that my doc gave me and i was able to sleep good and get enough rest to face the day...it not addictive because i stopped taking it after a month and dont need it anymore...maybe that herbal stuff is not good enough...and also, dont think about hanging yourself...cheaters are losers and dont deserve our pain for them...i am still trying and working on getting over it...its only about time...plus this forum and the people I have been talking to here have been of huge support and help...keep your head up...if you cant sleep or have nightamares try to get what i got...I can send you the name if you want...

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I had a dream last night about my ex (who to my knowledge never cheated, and I don't think she did anyway, but it doesn't matter), and in the dream she admitted to being with another guy while we were together. I realize this was just my mind/subconscious playing on my inner-most fears, but it was still pretty awful. Always come here if you are having a really hard time, make a post asking for someone to PM you if you are really in dire-straits. Hopefully things will start turning up for you. Be careful with the drugs (coming from experience).

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IT WILL GET BETTER... but it HAS to get worse before you start feeling okay again.


Just keep on trucking and make it through those hard nights. You will come out stronger and before you know it, you will be better. You will have highs and lows, but soon you will have more "up" days than "down" days.


Have faith in yourself.

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