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Any ideas on how to express "I like you" in a subtle way with guys?


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I like this guy...but I never touch people much. Are guys expecting the girl to touch their hand or be playful with them if we like them?


I shy away from it..I had 1 date with him. It felt surreal..like time has stopped when he looks into my eyes. no one has made me felt like that before and I felt like he can see thru me (I don't know if that's a good thing).


I regret not giving him at least a hug when I left. he really wanted to drive me home but made a sad face when I turned it down (I don't know him that well yet).


Another guy I liked...he's probably confused if I even liked him.


My friends say that I barely give them hugs or give human touch. I'm scared of intimacy a lot...especially if it's with a lover. I feel like I have to give up my power to be submissive. I'm scared of feeling vulnerable to other people's touch or caress. What the heck is wrong with me.


Any ideas on how to express "I like you" in a subtle way with guys?

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Boo the habs! Just kidding...





Sabres blew a lead and lost, so you should be even more pissed than me. But yes, subtle doesn't work in the real world.

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Sabres blew a lead and lost, so you should be even more pissed than me. But yes, subtle doesn't work in the real world.


Oh you mean similar to the one that the Habs blew in Buffalo after being up 2 - 0 with 3 mins left and then losing it in overtime?


Lol I am just kidding bro. I am a season ticket holder and I left with 4 mins left and missed the whole thing anyway.


And Yes the Sabres blew another lead tonight was very disappointing to watch.


Tough loss for the Habs against Ovi and the Caps.


Sorry OP little off the topic but couldn't help it.

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You're 26 and you STILL don't know? I kid, I kid... just let it come naturally, if he likes you, he'll catch on eventually. I always let these things take time and that's why I'm usually single and/or miserable... no, no, I let 'em know when the *moment* feels right. Kiss him. Don't put him on a pedestal or you'll always be nervous around him. The pedestal thing makes me nervous esp. with lust or whatever... yikes, yikes.


You probably would do better with a gay man's advice, than my own advice.

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ya...I'm 26 and experiencing all this stuff at this time of my life. I'm a late blooooomer!!!


Yes, late bloomer here too haha.

Well I think you are lucky because you went on a date with him - so that was something.

To show him your interested, you really should give him some subtle touches. Cos that's what I do. Sometimes it's good to touch him a little just to show him that. I can totally relate to you because I'm not a touchy person.. But last week I was with a group of friends and there was one guy I quite liked (not in a romantic way though cos I know he has a girlfriend... but I stil flirt with him... so that's very bad).. but anyway, when there are opportunities I touch him. For example, when he's walking on the roads, just touch him on the arms to lightly pull up back on the sidewalks. Lol I don't know if you know what I mean.... But try to look him in the eyes more....

Yea I always touch that guy whenever I have the chance to, such a bad idea cos he's taken.. but I still do it... what the hell..

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Somewhat off-topic, but I've wanted to ask this somewhere:

I was recently working in a lab alone with a girl I really like (and have liked for more than a year now) and suddenly out of nowhere she brings up a conversation asking me if I had any suggestions of any places to eat off campus (I'm a college student). I got kinda off-guard and told her some places I knew then asked her if she knew of any places...I didn't realize it at the time, but part of me felt she might have been hinting at something. Was this a "subtle way" of her expressing something, or am I reading too deeply?

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Possibly and since you like her it's not too late. Next time you are alone with her ask her is she visited any of those places you suggested and then if not I would suggest you guys go there or if there was a place she suggested you wanted to try you can suggest that as well.


If you like her it's worth a try.

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hm...can u be a little more specific? you mean like a gentle tug on his arm?


Yea something like that.

I mean if he mentions something like 'oh im got so much work etc..'. just do a gentle 'awww' and an unhappy face and tap him on his hand. Sorry that probably sounded bad but... it's natural when it's a guy I like I dunno why. If you say bye to him then just touch him a bit on his hand, tap on his hands a bit and say bye while looking into his eyes.


I'm not experienced at all so can't give you much advice.


Some people have it naturally, I think eye contact is really important too... looks into his eyes the whole time... haha for me that never works though cos I get uncomfy when I look at someone for too long.

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If you stand close to them in their personal space thats a big clue that your keen, and make as much eye contact as possible when your talking with him, and smile at him alot. Dunno if hes shy or what ever but if he keeps breaking eye contact dont stress. But the standing close to someone is a big thing, close enough that your not touching but you can feel their body heat. if he doesnt move away yeah its a pretty good sign. And if your sitting next to him sit close enough that your shoulders brush together and if your watching a funny movie and laugh and lean forward as you do you can sort of move back on him if you can get what i mean. Basically anything like that that is in his personal space if a big indicator that your hot under the collar for him

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