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Food and exercise journal


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I've decided to start an exercise and a bit of a food journal. Wanted to keep tabs on my workouts and maybe my eating. I don't eat that well usually though. I will not be posting about weight loss though since I am deciding to avoid the scale for a while.


Today, instead of working out on the elliptical and the weight machines, I decided to go for a swim instead. I like swimming, although I do tire out after 1-2 laps now.


Pool was not too crowded, was able to find an open lane in the shallow area. Cool. I can't swim in deep water yet.


Tried one lap doing freestyle WITHOUT the flutterboard. That was hellish. I have a hard time breathing right and using my arms without looking like I am bobbing up and down in the water every time I take a breath. I've been trying to use the methods my swim instructor showed me, but it's not been easy.


I ended up using the flutterboard to swim. With the flutterboard, I am able to use my arms and practice my kicking and breathing. I swam for about 40 minutes (back and forth). I had to rest a few minutes after each lap, which wasn't too bad.


Tomorrow I plan on resuming the elliptical and weight machine. Wed will probably be swimming again.


I wasn't really hungry after swimming so I had a tarragon chicken sanwich on whole wheat bread (almost couldn't finish that) and an iced coffee.


Been definitely drinking more water. Haven't cut out the soda completely, but will only drink soda on weekends, which is A LOT better than I used to be. I used to drink 1-2 sodas A DAY.



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Today was hard to work out. I guess not working out on the elliptical or the machines for a few days, hardens up the muscles or something. I dunno.


Kinda was dragging this morning. Didn't help that I had a heavier than usual breakfast (pancakes and 2 slices of bacon, and coffee). I guess the biggest obstacle to me losing weight is my eating habits. I eat healthy most of the time, but I also like to eat "junky" type foods or fatty foods too much. Need to cut that out.


At least I have cut out soda for the most part. I used to drink 1-2 cans of soda a day when I was working. Now I drink maybe 1 can on the weekend and NONE on the weekdays. I am glad I cut my soda habit. Maybe that was one of the things that was also causing me to have headaches.


Yesterday I went and bought a nice pair of tennis shoes. Now my feet feel a lot better. My brother gave me a gift certificate to a sports warehouse store, so I decided to get a pair of workout shoes. Cool.


I was able to do 15 minutes on the elliptical, then I did 10 minutes on some stairmaster/elliptical thing. That was tough. I did what my trainer suggested and worked at an even pace for a while, then speeded things up viciously for about 20 seconds, and then back to the even pace for a while, and then speeded things up. He says that will shock my metabolism and help to burn more calories. I hope so. It is hard on me to do that.


I am glad that my asthma is not acting up. That would be a pain.


I also did about 30 reps on the weight machine that trains my arms.


Not a bad workout overall.


I'm ready for a nap.


Tomorrow is swim class so I probably won't workout during the morning. Thurs is my session with the trainer.


Week is flying by.

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Cutting soda is hard but so much better for you in the long run. I remember years ago, I had given it up for a few years and then little by little, I was back to drinking it.


I haven't had a soda since Jan 31. I just gave it up cold turkey and it was hard. I was miserable the first few days and hated everyone and everything. Now it's not bad at all. I don't need the empty calories.


You are doing good Ren, I'm really happy for you. Keep up the great job.

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Not much happening today.


Not gonna work out today since I have swim class today (that is a workout in itself). Tomorrow I will work out again.


My food habits are still off the wall. Yesterday I went and picked up a case of water and I also picked up a pint of Ben and Jerry's Mud Pie ice cream. Very good. I only had 2 small spoonfuls and I was done with that for now. I guess I can control my food.


Today I had a pancake and coffee and then I went and had some pho for lunch. Not too bad.


Dinner probably won't be too much food since I have swim class tonight. I'm looking forward to that.


Been drinking mostly water today, with exception of 1 cup coffee.

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Swimming was a dud today


I could swim only 2 laps. I am also still bobbing in the water. I was able to float on my back unaided (last week I had problems with that). My swim coach says I am coming along quite well.


I really have problems swimming the freestyle using my arms correctly and kicking correctly all together. Instead, I do one thing right, another thing wrong, etc., and end up bobbing up and down in the water.


Today I worked on trying to get my stroke technique better. I am kicking well (when I remember). It's not easy to put everything together and do it.


My coach says I am nervous and can't relax hence that could be the reason I am not swimming that well. He says if I relax, what I learned will come to me naturally and it will all click.


I am glad to be swimming in the shallow end. I think if I swam in the deep end I would panic if I forgot things and couldn't touch the ground.


I panic a lot.


Tomorrow I have my workout with the personal trainer in the morning.


Tonight I microwaved some brown rice from Trader Joe's and will drink water with it.

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my 30 min workout with my trainer was pretty good today. Tried a few new things including some workout with resistance bands. He also sent me a email with some exercises I can do every day. Glad the attachment has pics so I know what I am doing.


I like having a trainer to work out with. He shows me different things and helps me along. Even though I work out for a 1/2 hr with him just doing core and resistance training, I am tired, sore, hot and sweaty after the half hour.


I also did 15 min on the bike after my training.


I had Japanese food for lunch because I wanted to splurge on myself since it was my bday.


Exercising makes me tired. I wish they had a jacuzzi at my gym. They do have a steam room though, which is nice.


Tomorrow, I might go swimming or working out on the elliptical again. I will probably try out the core exercises on the handout he gave me. They don't seem to be too hard.

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I'm not sure what is wrong with me, but my appetite seems to have INCREASED with me working out more often.


Today I had an iced coffee with a lowfat blueberry muffin and now I am munching on a cherry Larabar. I don't eat big meals but I munch on things a few times a day. I do try to be healthy about it, but not sure why I am hungry.




I don't want to be working out and also GAINING weight. That would be most disastrous.


I'm still on the fencepost about going swimming today. I'm tired and part of me wants to stay home, but swimming is something I like to do.


My abs are in pain today. But I like that. It means that working out is helping me.

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just got back from swimming and lunch. I had a good workout with my swimming. Swam back and forth about 6-7 laps (taking 1-2 minute break in between each lap) for about 40 minutes. Also practiced my free-style without the flutterboard.


I am exhausted and am going to hop in the shower soon.


Nice workout that left me out of breath. I am still sore, but tired.

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I don't think I am going to work out today. I woke up today MUCH MORE sore than yesterday morning. I think this is a result of me pushing myself when I was swimming yesterday. Ugh.


I am going to try to do the morning core routine that my trainer suggested I do each morning, but I am not sure how much I will do since my muscles are aching.


I am discouraged because I can't seem to lose weight, but I am not going to give up. I need to watch my food intake better and to cut out the junk I seem to love to indulge in. Otherwise, I am happy with how my body is reacting to the exercise. I am gaining stamina and I generally feel better about myself and my moods are more upbeat.

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Don't give up Ren..... You are doing so well and I know you are stressed about not seeing results on the scale but just give it some time.


The most important thing is you are feeling better and you are getting out of the house more. I know those two things were really important to you.

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Don't give up Ren..... You are doing so well and I know you are stressed about not seeing results on the scale but just give it some time.


The most important thing is you are feeling better and you are getting out of the house more. I know those two things were really important to you.


I am not going to give up. I enjoy exercising and how it makes me feel.


I just have to tweak my eating habits a bit.


I didn't eat a lot for lunch today, so was very hungry and ended up having an apricot Clif bar.


Going out with friends to dinner tonight. Not sure what we are eating, but will try to eat healthy.

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Did NOT eat that healthy tonight


We went out for my bday dinner (bday was earlier this week) and we went out for Italian food. For my salad, I had oil and vinegar dressing but I kind of pigged out on pasta with clam sauce and 1-2 slices of garlic bread. I didn't order soda and just had water and I avoided ordering a dessert.


Tomorrow, I have plans so probably won't work out except for doing my morning core routine. I may try to walk Jasper tomorrow with T, since that will give me a workout too (Jasper can be kinda hard to control). Monday I should be able to go to the gym and get back onto working on the elliptical and the ab machines.

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will probably not exercise today (unless walking Jasper counts).


Decided to stay overnight at T's house (his bf went out of town) and T wants me to stick around up here while he is working.


Will make it up tomorrow by exercising doubly hard.


Last night, ate ok. Had water, a small 10 oz steak, a salad and mixed veggies. That was pretty filling and decent. Did not put any sauce on the steak.


Today will probably have coffee later and some oatmeal or yogurt for breakfast. Not sure about lunch or dinner.


Will take Jasper out for a walk later, so hopefully might get my exercise in.

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