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Should i not show interest????


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Me and my ex broke up in January after a lil over a year long relationship. After which I decided to meet new guys and get back into the dating scene. I met this guy end of january...he was a bit shy, unlike me lol. The conversations werent terrible but not detailed either. After a few months of talking and seein eachother a couple times we decided to date. i was pretty excited b/c the friends approved of him and he was a step-up from my ex fiance,or so i thought. I went to stay with him one weekend, during that weeknd i came to realize he didnt really hold detailed or serious conversations about anything remotely mature. I also found out he still talked to his ex,which i usually dont mind however he claimed he could not stand her and they had really no contact at all. I confronted him on both issues, he explained to me he just is not real good with the whole talking thing (again,so not like me) and does not like to bring certain things up (still unsure why) and as far as the ex goes, they dated for 5 years and still remained friends, she does get the clue they are over ( been over for bout 6 months) but he does not wan2 hurt her by bein so upfront wit him moving on. all in all i kinda of just brushed both issues off and did my best NOT to make a big deal out of it. Needless to say we did end up "doing it" that weeknd, he dropped me off at home sat. (bout lil over a month ago) NEVER heard from him after that, yes i blew his phone up i was furious. only text i ever got was 2 days after that sayin NOT to contact him again. which i didnt, till recently. First day of college texted a bunch of ppl, him being one just to distract me. he never replied till week later and said he was doing good. that was that. then last week he texted me and said he was doing good just working alot, we texted awhile that day. he said sorry for what happeend (no reason why it happened) and he did miss talking to me,wants to see me soon. I really dont text him first at this point at all, momma didnt raise a total fool lol. I had 2 "hit it and quit its" pulled on me after him so my guard is really up. But i missed him alot since he was gone, i think when we started dating he was thrown off by how mature and serious i was so he kinda just got scared and bailed. So why is he back now?? i dont plan on giving it up again least not anytime soon. does it seem like maybe he does miss me and just needed to figure ish out or what??? could he be a good guy and we just had a rough patch?? any advice on this issues is great...thanks for reading!

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Well, it seems like he is back now because you initiated contact with him. After all your time of no contact, then you contact him again. This, to a guy generally means that you are okay with him and want to at least communicate. We aren't really that complicated.


He might be looking to hook up again. If you want to see him, go ahead and do so, but don't 'give up the goods' until you have a good feeling about him.

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