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Ok soo Tomorrow is my ex-boyfriend's birthday and I wanted to just call and say "happy birthday." I dont know if I should do that because i dont want him to think I'm desperate or being stalkerish.. I just want to wish him thats all.. there is no motive behind it.. just being a friend..

Btw let me give you guys some background knowledge...

Ok soo I broke up with im on valentines day because he was acting really starnge that day, like he emailed me saying "good morning!"; how strange is that? and i was like okayyy.. umm good morning to you too.. then later he was like happy v-day to you too after i said it first... he was just being so unromantic, which in not like him.. his response was that he doesnt "celebrate" this holida (so not true).. OK WELL the reason why I broke up with him was because he randomly brought up marriage and was like we are never gonna get married due to religion (btw im 19 and he is 18) and then i was like ok then peace we r done.. and he was like we can keep it as a learning stage. LIKE seriously?!?! and we have been dating for 6 months.. we ususally get int o fights about religion but we always got back together but not this time..

And so after wwe brroke up neither of us conatcted ecahother for two weeks, until I saw him one day and then all my feelingd came back and i kinda became stalkersih (wasnt my intention) and now for a few weeks.. I have just left him alone.. but i just wanna say happy birthday.. should i ?

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