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Tips on starting/carrying on conversations


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There's a girl that sits next to me in one of my classes that I find attractive. Problem for me is she's pretty shy and I am too. I don't really know anything about her either. I'm not very good at talking to girls in general because I always think that what I'm about to say will sound stupid. Does anyone have any tips for starting AND carrying on conversations? I'm not very good at carrying on conversations either.

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What class are you in with her?? Can you talk to her about the subject that your studying??


You just have to go for it buddy, you cant worry about getting shot down or anything....So what if she ends up not being into you, you move on to the next, and you learn from it. Anyone thats good at talking to girls has failed multiple times!!! I know I have!! But it gets easier!!!

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If it were as easy as just do it, I wouldn't be asking. It's to do it doing it or not doing it, it's about how to do it. I guess you're right about trial and error, but I also am stuck sitting next to her the rest of the year in that case.


I have astronomy but I kind of doubt there'd be much of a discussion about that, aside from stuff due/homework/etc. which we already talk about.

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Well then straight up ask her...What are your interests?? maybe you will have something in common...then you will be able to talk to her real easy.


Are you asking how to ask her to hang out?? Seems like you talk to her already?


Ask her what her fav constilation is...lol

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Wooh favorite constellations!


I was just hoping to practice talking in general, not asking out or wanting to hang out or anything like that. It's not like I sit there and don't speak at all, but I suck at creating actual conversation.

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I think astronomy is a great class to start conversations - so many philosophical topics, like do you think there is life on other planets, or do you think there was a big bang or has the universe always existed? If she has a pretty voice, go back to your dorm and write journals about it for 6 hours every day, like I used to in college... those were the days


You may want to lead up to this by just smiling and saying hi, a couple of times, to let her get used to you. Then you can use a conversation topic without worrying that you're freaking her out.

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I was going to open a thread on this myself, but since there's already one open, I thought I'd post in here...


So anyway, there's this cute girl in my art class. She doesn't seem shy, and she's kind of attractive in a geeky cute way. I think she looks like Tina Fey, only she's college aged.


Anyway, how do I approach this girl? She seems friendly and nice, at least from observing her, but I'm a shy guy. I need tips. Help!

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