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Shy girl meets Shy guy HELP PLEASE


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Ok I met a guy who my friend has told me is very very shy (they have been friends since they were very young we are in our mid-late twenties) We all were out together and he was very sweet, in a group we all talked when it was me and him we talked a little but both of us were just quiet. We dance together and it was nice, but there was another of my best friends with us married but very pretty who he was talking to her and dancing with her to.. He kind of kept close to me but still was talking to her and dancing with her or both of us. my best friend (the pretty one) got trashed and he took her home like a gentleman! Like I said she is married, he and I are single... I have only met him once but I think hes really sweet and would like to get to know him and maybe go on a date or two... I just dont know if he was into me. When we were dancing he did keep his hands on my hip/butt but was very quick to stop if I moved two steps away... He was really great! What do I do? I am afraid to tell my friend (the one that is friends with the shy guy) that I would like to get to know him date or something because I fear rejection... PLEASE HELP ME!

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I understand being shy. I've been there myself when I was younger. But being afraid to talk to your friend about him seems a little overboard. Talking to friends about such things is the shy person's underground information highway.


I would talk to your friend and ask if they've heard anything back from shy guy. Then mention that you were interested in him. If you find out that he was interested in you, that might make you a little less shy. And if he "somehow" finds out that you were interested in him, it might do the same for him. You know how this dance goes. I think the direct approach is by far the best method with the least drama in these situations, but if you're both shy, talking to your friend can help get things moving.


Besides, if he had his hand on your butt already, there must be at least a little something there...don't ya think? Good luck.

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Ok the guy and I talked, we have similar interest and he seems to be a good sweethearted shy guy, but I have my doubts too.... If you are shy why would you be talking to a "friend of mine" that is married but very ? He has not called me or talked to me since the 1st time we talked when I initiated it, but he has talked to my so-called friend. What now?

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It is odd though he would talk to someone that's married.


Not necessarily. He knows there is no point in trying to impress a married woman, he has nothing to gain or lose. No need to be shy.


To the OP, what you have is a stalemate. If you have ever played chess, then you know that is a nightmare. You are afraid of rejection, he is afraid of rejection. In a sense, you are rejecting each other. Do something about it. Make the next move if you have too.

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