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Is my social life pretty much doomed?


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All throughout college, I have never really made any close, meaningful friends. This was a big contrast from high school, where I was social with almost everybody I came in contact at surface level. Even then, I was considered relatively quiet, and never really had too many friends outside of class and school.


But only now have I started to pinpoint the things that I probably should do to improve my social life by reading random articles/essays/etc. regarding this. The problem here is that now I'm about two weeks away from graduating, and while I have people that I socialize with on a surface level, I still don't have many true friends, and the few that I do have, I might not even stay in contact with them after graduation, as I go to college out of state, I don't have a job lined up yet, and I'll most likely wind up heading back home at my mom's house, where if history is any indicator, I will basically be there all alone with my mom (since all my siblings have their own places though my brother is going to be in college for the summer).


With all this said (only being two weeks left in my college life, not having anything in my life to look forward to, no car, etc.) is my social life doomed?

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yikes, im worried about this for myself, too. id say you kinda have to go out of your way to make some friends. after college and at your job, making friends should be a top priority. you might have to 'fake' it, you know? cuz im not a very social person either, but im gonna have to start changing some things if i want to make real friends. so no, your social life is not doomed. after college, your life is actually starting to BEGIN, so you can look forward to a new beginning.

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You're not doomed. Nobody said the time you make friends is only limited to college. I'm in a similar boat as I have only made a bunch of surface-type friends here but do have best friends back home. Sure, college is a hotbed of social activity as there are a TON of people you meet but you're not doomed. You could always meet people at your workplace once you get a job, for instance.


Don't worry! Our lives are just beginning.

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no it's certainly not doomed. i'll be honest, social life does seem to take a slump immediately after college graduation (not just in my experience but i've heard many others say the same thing), what with some people moving back to their hometowns, others remaining in the vicinity of the college and others moving to an entirely different place. so it is hard socially, i won't lie. but doomed? certainly not. you might be in a little slump for a little while and it takes more effort, i've discovered, to build and maintain friendships once college is done with. but as you can see from other posters on this thread, there are plenty of other people in the same boat as you who are looking for you just as much as you're looking for them.

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