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Did I scare her away?


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I just took a new job at a local hospital and this is where I met her. We both had orientation together, and in my mind she made the first move. We got into orientation and she sat down next to me when there were about 40-50 open seats. We got to start talking during orientation she told me about her other part time job the nights that she worked there etc etc etc. We joked, and both laughed commented on things in life and just had generaly nice chats.


The 2nd day of orientation she asks me if I am going on the tour of the hospital with them. So this is when I start to pick up the hints. ( This takes place monday through thursday with orientation ending tuesday. )


So orientation is over, I go home after that and she has to stay for more orientation as she is going for nursing. So I go home and do errands I have to do, when I get done with my errands I decide that I'm going to visit her at her part time job. Remembering that she had told me about the nights she worked. So I get there and she seems overly happy - sits down accross from me and we joke and talk and exchange numbers. When it gets closer to closing time for them I dont want to make anyone upset by me being there so I tell her I'm going to leave ( and her reaction was "you're going to what?" ) but I will call her soon.


So wednesday comes and I get done with work at around 8pm - I know she still has orientation so I just call and get voice mail so I leave her a small message "Hey just calling to see how orientation went for you today, my day was ok it was pretty much just following someone around - pretty crazy right?"


I don't hear anything back from her so I decide that I'm going to go back in on thursday to visit her again at her part time job. I get sat in her friends section who I was introduced to on tuesday and me and her friend joke around. There are some things that happen over the course of time that we both share laughs on. While the girl would come over every so often to talk to me and chat and joke. So it gets closer again to closing time but this time I am told by her friend that I can stay as long as I want as long as I don't mind them cleaning - I say no problem and thank you for allowing me to stay. I end up staying until the girl leaves and we walk outside and it basically ends with "Have a good night - I have lunch around noon maybe I'll see you tomorrow"



I understand it's hard to get input by just general text but I can say when we exchanged numbers she did say a few things that made me think that she was truly looking forward to me calling - like a nervious shrug and basically saying "You know to talk about orientation or whatever."


I have yet to hear back from her - so my question is do you think that she is just busy or focused on getting through another week of a new job - Is she just playing the waiting game? Or did I completely screw this whole thing up and scare her away?


Thanks in advance.

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