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Don't know what to do!? :-(

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I don’t know what to do or how to handle this…please help!


So I am a lesbian. I am 25 and live with my parents, I turn 26 in August. My parents don’t know that I am a lesbian. They know my girlfriend as just a “friend” and they really like her. She is a lot older than me. She is 40 years old. After being together for three years I have came to this idea of wanting to live with her. We have always talked about living together but it never was the “right time”. Well now that I am really feeling the idea of living together there are a few things that I am confused about…well I wouldn’t necessarily call it confused but need advice on. I don’t want my parents to know I am gay because they are very religious and I don’t want them to disown me. So my girlfriend and I have talked about how we would make it sound like we will be roommates. My girlfriend lives in a one bedroom apartment and when she moved to the apartment she ended up setting her room in the living room while her daughter and her two cats were going to be living in the bedroom. Her daughter moved out and left her two cats behind, so that room has become a “cat’s room”. My girlfriend has a cat and a dog that does not get alone with those cats and this is why she doesn’t let them out. So our idea is that when she finds those cats a home I can move in and put my stuff in the bedroom as if that’s where I would be living. And I would let my parents know that I am moving out. I guess what I am scared of is that my parents will be mad at me for whatever reason. I need advice on maybe how to come to my parents with this situation. In the past I had lived out of my parent’s house when I was 18 and stupid I should say. My parents were very upset with me and they stopped talking to me. I would call and they never really cared to talk to me and they wouldn’t allow me to see or talk to my brother. I guess this is another reason I am afraid to come to my parents with this situation. Help please!!!!

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