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Flowers for the girls at work?

Mr Miagi

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Well im 23, and currently working my first job. I have known the girls I work with for a good 2 years now (we are all pretty much the same age), and we are becoming really good mates!


We've been having game-nights etc. and pretty fun times at work (which makes work everyday pretty awesome!). However, working with a large group of women day-in day-out can get crazy, and sometimes we can get a bit rough with the teasing (on everyone though, it gets dispersed, lol).


Anyway, id like to do something nice for the girls without being too corny. Any ideas? They arnt "girly girls", but I reckon they would just appreciate something nice done for them for a change. I was thinking just a nice bunch of flowers one morning? Would it be a bit weird?

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Although your intentions are admirable you need to be mindful of treating people differently in the workplace based on sex. ie, if you wouldn't buy flowers for a male coworker then I wouldn't advise doing so for a female one, unless it's for a special occasion and wouldn't be confused for a sexual advance.

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