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Dealing with the loneliness

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Im 12 weeks, NC, and pretty much moving forward and over the ex. Now im having to deal with the loneliness each night of being numero uno (1). I cook dinner by myself, I live alone, I have a cat and he just does his own thing (hes a good boy really). Its tough to try and not go and seek out another partner when you feel like this, i know its not the right time to do so...


Its strange, i feel lonely now, not lonely for my ex, just lonely.


Anyone else have this problem?

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Coming home to an empty house (bar the cat!) isn't going to help, you need 'stimulation'


Any chance you could surround yourself with friends and/or family or throw yourself into something new (like a hobby) that gets you out and about?

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Yea. I am around friends and family alot nowadays. I think its just today, woke up feeling pretty down and its lingered around me. Im sure ill snap out of it. But i do need to find a new focus, im starting with myself.


Money cant buy you happiness lol if it could itd be priceless!

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Well, get used to it. This is what old people have to go through every day. Dealing with ourselves is something we all have to do.


You're still young. Might as well get out there and live it up a little! I'd say you are feeling this way cos it's an adjustment period. It's very possible to live on your own and not feel that lonely

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