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21 guns lay down your arms give up the fight.......1-21 guns through up your arms into the sky.......


I love the tune and have just realized maybe I should do the same?


I cheated on her several times, I'm an ass I know. Before I could so easily put aside the one I love and find a minute of pleasure. Boy was I a F&&kn idiot.


So she ket me back in and then did the same to me several times now. May be revenge sex cuz she came crying back to me. But she is different now, she has closed her heart but still wants the security of our relationship.


Girls, is there anyway back for us? I’m very focused on our relationship staying the course but she is wavering big-time.


I can screw up and bounce back fairly well. But I'm finding out that she has been effected very differently.


What do I do? I feel like I'm wasting my time right now.


Hey guys, am I just playing the part of the fool now? What would you do hang in until she comes back or say goodbye?

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