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Trying to be honest and nice guy...but is it the best thing to do!?


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Met this girl few days ago and we were out on our second date..she told me that she had a one night stand last weekend. She also admitted to having one night stands quite often.

Personally, I am not a one night stand kind of guy and I told her I would be much more interested in being with someone I can see every weekend and be close to and not hook up with someone while drunk (had plenty of those) for one night. I told her that.

She kissed me when I dropped her off home and asked me when I was gonna call her again. I like this girl and I don't want to ruin it with her. I do wonder if me being nice to her is the best move for me?

Do girls like guys who sincerely like and care for them?

Any thoughts?

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What a weird question!


TBH it doesn't bode too well if you have already cast the two of you in your mind as 'immoral' v 'nice [moral] guy'. You should talk to this girl and say, you could imagine this going somewhere but you are someone for whom monogamy is important and you'd need to know her track record when she's in a relationship. She might have a really high sex drive and do the one night stand thing when she's single. She may not even feel good about it - but at least she's been honest. (I dn't know WHY she has been so honest this early! Perhaps she wanted you to know the worst, or to flag up her high libido).


I can just imagine another thread on here somewhwer, "I really really like this guy so I decided to be honest with him and now I'm worried I've scared him away..."


Has she? If not, then TALK to her!

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good point. Because she had a look on her face after she told me she slept with a random guy last week "OMG, he hates me now".

To me monogamy is important to the extent that when I am seeing someone and in a committed relationship, I much rather have that person be loyal to me as well.

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You are searching for a commited, serious relationship & she has alreay told you that she has one night stands very often. Also, you sound like you are bothered by it even tho you wrote that you don't mind it.


If i am not wrong, i can see that you are trying to accommodate yourself to this girl. Maybe you really do like her very much but such accommodation will only result in losing a big part of yourself. IN the long run, you would hate yourself for doing this.


I would advise you to let her go & keep on going your way. You will meet the girl who is as serious about relationships as you are.


Good luck

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I do wonder if me being nice to her is the best move for me?


How so? I mean, she's asking you to keep seeing her, so it's obviously working in that respect.


Now, if she's single and having one night stands, that doesn't really mean anything for how she is when she's in a relationship. I am more confused as to why she would tell anyone that on a second date.


I think she might be checking if you will try to sleep with and then ditch her. But it's still quite creepy.

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