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he left me without giving me a clear answer....

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Long story short, I dated my ex through out college. We dated for roughly 4 1/2 years. We broke up a few times during college, but always managed to find our ways back together. I moved back home after graduation in august. He and I started doing long distance since then. I found a good job back home in the bay, while he still has roughly two years of college left because he got kicked out a few times due to finances and what not.


Things have been rough on us because of long distance, but no matter how hard it was, I felt like it was always worth it when I got the chance to see him. We live two hours away, but finding free time for each other has always been a problem, mostly on his part because he has two jobs and trying to finish school.


Last weekend, we spent our time together in the bay. It was nice to be intimate and do couple things again because the last time that we saw each other had been a month ago. We told each other how much we loved one another and that it felt so right being together. However, two days back from the trip, he called to tell me that things aren't working out anymore because it's so hard. He doesn't want to be unfair to me and make me wait because I am a wonderful person and deserves someone who can give me the world. He basically told me that he didn't see a future together because he still had school to focus on and that he might never move closer this way.

How could this have happened only after two days? Our trip together was perfect, but now he's telling me all of this. He is my first love and everything, so it's hard for me to move on. I love him so much. I told him I didn't mind waiting, but he said that he wasn't the one for me because he can't make me happy anymore.



I'm heartbroken and at a loss for words. Our trip was fine. Yea, we got into a few petty arguments over not being able to see other, but i thought that we were okay...I don't know what to do. I don't know why he did what he did....

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I am really sorry to hear about that. My break up was very similar and only 3 weeks ago. It is really hard.


For right now, as hard as it may be. You need to completely stop talking to him. For one it will give you a chance to step back and start feeling better, but also it may give him a chance to miss you and realize he made a mistake. Now don't do NC just to keep your hopes up. But its possible.


Either way its really hard...but really try to stop talking to him for now. It will hurt worse and worse if you keep in contact.

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