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What would you think if you received this poem in a card?


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Because our words are always to close to us to judge, I wonder how you would feel if your girlfriend gave you this poem in a card.


We've dated about a year, and have exchanged some poetry, but not specifically written for eachother.


Your thoughts? Interpretations? Criticisms, opinions, suggestions are welcome.




I do not know why you transformed, or quite when

To what you are now, from what you were before,

But you lit up for me, so much more than a man,

The portent missed that sunny day I saw you first,

When you and all the background were the same, mundane

A person among so many in the world before me,

Who would so fill my world.


My eyes suddenly see all things

And love all things that they see,

Fine details precious, and so deeply important

The lilt of your speech when you’re trying to please me

The tilt of your head to set the tone of your point,

Your jaw in a line as hard as your lines

All of these things I just suddenly saw

Play like melodies of favorite songs.


In spite of me the chorus is defined

Repeated unbidden, chapter and line...a balm to soothe this tired mind.

An oasis, as potent as midsummer night wine


Relieving as a midday rest sprawled out and splayed accross your chest,

A bar of sunlight on our bed, your arm beneath my tousled head


Or the distraction of your eyes, I see them still - can look to you, upon your face and feel, if you will,

all their brilliance

or hear silently the voice that deafens me to the rest, its resonance.


Perpetually drunken of us

Images of your fingers that speak along side you,

The curve of your mouth,

The rising within me, and flinging of my far fetched fantasies, my swelling mobius….


I am the zealous cartographer,

And circumnavigate each night

Every peak, niche and valley

with insatiable appetite and zest, a tender love nonetheless....

Mapping the details of us with passionate vigor, adoration and rigor


You are here with me

and I am stricken

My voice mute to reveal,

to orate the beauty

that breathes

as the space between

you and I is reduced to a whisper...

assuage the ponderance of my heavy heart,

signify, begin to unveil the world within, stirring, churning,

with anticipation, poised with intent-

relaying only an ember

of this fire that burns me...

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