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for first time in life i think ill be ok and i hope you will too

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2 and a half years was my longest relationship and the most fulfilling too. I have not broken nc still and I think I'm feeling better already. I'm not gunna lie. I do miss her. But lately I've been tellin myself everything does happen. I'm trying to be the better person. I don't hate her. I wish her the best even if she doesn't for me. I'm trying to be positive and looking at things in a different light. We broke up march 1st not very long I know but I'm moving on. I'm really moving on. I haven't been analyzing things like I usually do. My friends noticed I'm smiling more finally and talking more. I hope you guys are all doing good out there too. But everyday I wake up I know ill be fine. Its funny because I have been in 8 month relationships and 1 year relationships and I've been a mess. Maybe I'm just learning that its really not worth it for me to dwell on someone. All those times I was upset for the longest and it did nothing. So please guys keep doing nc and live your life. That's another thing I never did. I never devoted time to me while I let someone take over my life. So life your life guys. I wish you all the best of luck wherever u guys are on your journey at the moment. It will get better over time and I'm going to listen and try it. For the first time I'm doing all the things everyone says your supposed to do when someone breaks up with you. So hopefully in a few more months or longer I can share my experience on my little journey

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