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I messed up. Any chance what so ever?


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I made out with another girl in front of the girl i wanted. The girl i want works at the bar, i was drunk, and another random girl started showing me a little extra attention as in dancing and touching my neck/face/etc...next thing you know were freaking kissing!!


The girl that matters leaves without saying goodbye! I called her the next day in the afternoon and she pretty much lets me have it! I probably got 5 words in to her 100. That was friday night, its now sunday.


Im an idiot!!


Was thinking of sending flowers?? With an im sorry please forgive me card!??

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Yeah your right, but i feel like i should do something just to apologize, regardless of whether she wants to ever talk to me again or not. Of course with hopes that she does. I know its probably over, just really wanted to vent a little. That was the biggest bonehead move ive ever pulled in my life so far in regards to women. I keep reliving it and putting myself in her shoes and thinking if the roles were reversed would there be anything she could do to get me to forgive her. And im not sure there is. But i guess only a little time will tell.

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Been there done that! So your not the only one.

We weren't offically together at the time, and he saw me with someone else.

But he did forgive to for it and we got together properly a little while after.

So while she may be annoyed now, you didn't really do anything that wrong, you didn't cheat on her.

It hurts to see, Ive been on the other side of this aswell, but if she really likes you she will let it go.

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