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Should I sell one of my eggs?

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I don't think you can sell just one.


My girlfriend looked into doing this a while back. It involves a lot of doctor visits and taking a lot of drugs. And some of those drugs have pretty unpleasant side effects.


Yup, and you also have to have no medical issues at all that are hereditary.

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Hell yeah!!!

its so much money,

the risks include infection, or even being steril but its extremely rare.

my ex girlfriend did it,

its not that easy as it sounds thou, first theey have to aprove you then find a couple who would like you egg, which could be the next day or a year later

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In my 20's I seriously considered this. I would have made a good donor because I am both smart and pretty and they look for both of those for donation. However after going half way through the paperwork I decided against it. For one you have to give yourself an injection often (I think it was once a day) then right before they are to be harvest you are very uncomfortable. Then you have to go there often. Plus they told me it could affect future fertility and diseases. Not to mention the ethical issue of knowing I could have a child out there that is biologically mine. In the long run I decided that the risks weren't worth the money.

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lol, you can't harvest 'just one.' basically the doctors have to give you a lot of drugs that stimulate lots of eggs to be released. they'll get 10-15. I have a friend who did that. She sold her eggs for $6,000. unfortunately, the doctors accidentally harvested too many and told her that she lost 5 years of fertility. to me, that risk is too scary. imagine having to go through IVF later in life, which is so much more expensive than $6,000, just to try to have a child!

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Well I don't really want kids anyways, and if I change my mind it won't be til I'm atleast 35.


It does sound like a lot of money that would help A LOT but I was under the impression that it was an easy procedure like giving blood/plasma.


I am in perfect health despite that I have stomach problems etc, that wouldn't show, it didn't even really show up on a colonoscopy/endoscopy!


I don't have any hereditory issues either and I'm pretty sure I'd pass the psych screening. I'm pretty and smart.


However, my concerns is I don't want to go through surgery or anything, and how long would I be out of comission, how long would I have to wait for the proceduere, how many times would I keep having to come back, and how long would I not be able to have sex?? Those are my questions.


I hear it's very painful?


And maybe It wouldn't be a few eggs, but I'd only want to do it ONCE.

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I have a friend who did it. She finished with $6500 but not till after the process was over and when she sold her eggs, which all in all was about an 8 month process. And the eggs sold only b/c a couple was lookign for her exact physical appearance. But her ordeal included daily injections and weekly doctors visits, plus lots and lots of paperwork. She had to use 2 different forms on nonhormonal birth control b/c the injections make you very fertile and she had to have a specific diet and exercise routine. It's not a matter of being pretty and smart. It's a lot more than you think. And yes, your stomach condition would be recorded and you could possibly rejected for that. When they say perfect health, they mean it--a stomach condition means you're not in perfect health. Overall, I don't think it's worth it, b/c I looked into it too, which is how I know what I do b/c of my friend who did it.

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rose - you seem to have some pretty severe digestive issues, do you really want to pass those onto some child? do you think that is fair and appropriate? besides, i don't think that you can lie. i am guessing if you do want to donate the would ask to see your medical records and then they will see you've been going to the doctor very often the past few years.


yes, it is painful, giving yourself daily shots and inducing egg release. it does not sound like fun to me. yes, the money is good, but is it worth it? there are other ways to make $6000, including selling plasma, selling some things on ebay, working as a pet sitter, or just working a normal job.

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You may be able to sell plasma. I don't think they measure the iron content of your blood... just the protein content, which can be boosted temporarily if you make sure to eat something high in protein an hour or two before going.


Be prepared to be there for a LONG time... with the lines and waiting, it's often a five to six hour process, especially your first time. If you do this, make SURE to bring homework along to do while you are waiting/while they are taking your plasma.

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There are rigorous health assessment of you, (possibly your partner if you have one), number of blood draws for STD's, ultrasound, detailed research of your past health records and more to make sure you're physically well and not have any problems from the past.


Psychological testing is performed to make sure you're mentally stable but also understand and accept the fact that there will be a child(ren) that's related to you out in the world.


Because the cycle must match with the recepient who will carry the baby, it's not generally ideal for someone with very busy work/school schedule that have limited flexibility with time. This could involve you flying out of the state to get the egg retrieval done which could take away couple days with very short notice. You'll also not be able to drink any alcohol, do drugs and other activities that will alter the cycle. If you have sex you absolutely have to be using protection.


All this could take months at least and more. The $5,000+ fee may sound good at first but at what risk is the question. Some have done it number of times without any issue. It's ultimately the egg donor's choice of course but it's something you want to do a lot of research and ask questions before applying to become the donor.

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