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Really need some help here! Like the guy...


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Ok so, I dated this guy for 3 years and we broke up a few months ago and cut off all ties. I feel like I am now totally foreign to the dating scene, I'm so confused! I hung out with this guy last week that I have known for a while, and we ended up having sex. He also told me with my friends in the room that he was sick of just having sex w/ girls and wanted to meet a nice girl. Last night, the same thing happened. I went to see him and we ended up having sex again. The first night I didn't have feelings at all, and thought that I would rather go back to being just friends. But the 2nd time, I felt some emotions getting involved. For example, when I left he told me that he would hit me up later today, and he hasn't. So now my question is...how should I keep going with this now that my feelings are involved, and without looking like I'm clingy or weird, or want to rush into things. If he doesn't text me today, is it okay if I text him tomorrow, or should I wait a couple days, or what? I want to start talking more too, rather than just hey what are you doing do you want to chill. Thanks, and sorry if this is long!

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