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early relationships - how fast do they go?


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On my bf and i's 4th date i met his mom and few friends and we also became 'official' on that date. We wernt intimate until a few months into the relationship. Due to schedules we were seeing each other on weekends.


I was surprised how fast i met his mom. Took me a little longer to introduce him to my parents (thats because i've never done so before with anyone!)


I think it varies a lot to person to person. One friend just went on one date with this boy and they became official and she spends every second with him and he met her parents within a week!. Where as another friend, she's been with her bf for 2 years and has only met his parents once.

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Can you describe what slow is? Are you talking about getting intimate? Introducing each other to friends and families? Getting to know each other? Exchanging "I love you's"?


I mean introducing to friends/ families and amount of time spent together. Im not too concerned about the love thing yet.


I just feel at the moment like hes wanting to take things slow whereas i move at a slightly faster pace when i a new relationship

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It really depends...in the case of my current bf, I met his friends and family a few months after we started dating. We see each other during weekends, well at least we see each other twice a month. It's fun and cool. We took things slowly. Would you believe we exchanged "Iloveyou's" and formalized our relationship (as bf-gf)only after 1 year and five months of exclusively dating.

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