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Should I be concerned?


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Hi, here's the thrill:


I have a gf and Im at high school, and shes at middle school. She told me she's been invited to a "Quince años party" (15 year old party) its just a party that women teenagers do when turn 15 in latinamerica, but they do it kinda big, I trust her, but I really dont know what could happen at that party, cause for what they've told me, theres always alcohol and smoking and grinding or those dirty dancing (yeah were in a rebel generation). I just dont know what to think cause Ive been just once at a party -Im not kind of social-popular, Im a bit shy- but shes not any shy, she loves to dance and that party stuff, but shes not any * * * * or that kind of girl...


The point is that someone who regularly attend to parties can tell me whats the most could happen at a party with a bit of alcohol, party ambientation and that frenzy that dirty-dancing brings for a girl who has boyfriend?? can she even posibilly forget she has a boyfriend for a moment or she wont let it rock like that?

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