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Im feeling so lost at the moment and alone... i want to get away from the crazy voices in my head so perhaps putting writing it out helps. I have been with my boyfriend one year and we have multiple fights about stupid and relative things. Today was one... we were having an argument because he accused me of lying... its so childish im ashamed to spill the reason behind the argument... I didnt want to go to his friends house to watch football, i told him my reasons were that he needed some guy time and to go have fun and enjoy, my main reason was because i didnt feel like it. So perhaps I wasnt being true in my reasons behind why i didnt want to go but i really did think he needs guy time and he tends to cancel his plans alot for me.


Well anyway he went completely angry, he started screaming and told me if i continued the conversation he would break something or even my nose. I blew it asside because he was angry and we all say things when we are mad. I went to him to speak more and he told me he was going to break my nose and he stood up and flew at me I fell on the floor crying no no no and was terrified he didnt touch me but i really believed he was going to. I couldnt get a grip over myself i was trembeling uncontrolably and had to run downstairs to sit and calm myself. Later he came down and opened the door and felt pure fear, he told me to stop acting and that he would never touch me... I believe i fear him now. I dont want to but i do and i cant overcome this. I need some advice.

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It's okay for you to be scared of him, I probably would be scared too!


If I were you, I would maybe try to discuss this issue with him.


I guess it also depends how the relationship is overall....but I'd consider this to almost be abuse, so I might leave him if I were you...

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Even if he has never hit you, and assures you that he would never hit you, it's not ok for him to threaten you with violence and then run at you like he is going to carry it out. You have a very good reason to be scared, he said he was going to hit you and then ran at you like he was going to do it. He may not be physically abusing you, but is using the threat of violence any better?


We've all been so mad that we say something we don't mean. Sometimes maybe even something about wanting to hit the other person right then. But to actually take the first step of going at you is scary. Where does that seem to be headed to you? You should not be scared of your bf.


You might want to have a frank conversation where you tell him not to ever threaten and make an aggressive move at you again. It would be a dealbreaker to me. If he is genuinely remorseful then you may be able to work through it as long as he keeps his anger in check at all times, anger management may be a good choice as well.

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He may not physically abused you yet but he will. They always start out with the mentally stuff. First picking fights and then belittling you. Mental abuse is just anothe form of abuse. Try to scare you or being mr. ego. Just makes him out to be a jerk-off! I wouldnt even put up with it. Apprently he dont give a * * * * about you. He wouldnt of have talked to you that way. I wouldnt put up with it at all. I would leave his butt. Make him come begging and crying before even forgiving him and going back. If you just have too! I personally would tell him to get lost and move and find me a better MAN!

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Those are early warning signs of a abuser. He hasn't physically abused you yet, but he will. Abusers always start out with verbel abuse and then the physical abuse will start. Him threatening to break your nose is totally wrong and you don't tell your GF or significan't other that....this guy has some serious anger issues.


If you really love him talk to him and get him some counseling and anger management classes. I would hit the road if he doesn't want to go to the counseling and classes and if he ever threatens you again like he did I'd leave him. Just like the other poster said, you should never be afraid of your boyfriend or husband.

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He was violent with you even though he didn't touch you. Bullying is not acceptable. And then he had the nerve to tell you you were acting! This is not sounding like a good relationship for you. There was absolutely no reason for him to pick a fight with you about this. Most of us would feel scared if a bf treated us this way. You are having a NORMAL reaction to violent behavior. Don't let him treat you this way. If he persists, leave his ***.

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