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Why doesn't anyone tell you about the truth about human nature and love???


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Today my boyfriend almost broke up with me because he thought being attracted to other people sometimes and sometimes wishing to be single is something you are not allowed to feel or think about while you are in a relationship.


Well I can't blame him cause I've made the same mistake a few times.

Now when I have some more experience in relationships, I know that those feelings are completely normal and I don't feel bad when those feelings surface.

Cause I know who I want to be with and who I really love so I don't need to feel bad. We are all just humans so we should let us feel like that without feeling bad about it. I wouldn't cheat though. You can't control what you feel nor what you think about but you do control what you do.


I'm not saying that people should go around and check people out. But what I'm trying to say is: Don't let something like that ruin your relationship.


I'm happy that he told me about it cause he gave us the chance to sort things out. We both feel better now and he doesn't feel guilty anymore about him thinking about being single and felt attracted to other women. He never did anything about it of course. So it's not too late to talk about it.


He told me that only the thought of losing me is excruciating but he couldn't live with this guilt anymore and he didn't know what to do since he loved me so much.


Good thing we sorted things out cause it would be a shame to throw this relationship away when we love each other and really enjoy each other's company.

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